List of Authorised Entities in Australia

Below is a list of organisations and their representatives in the print disability and educational sector that, under the Marrakesh Treaty, would be considered “authorised entities” . An “authorised entity” means “an entity authorized or recognized by the government to provide education, instructional training, adaptive reading, or information access to beneficiary persons on a non-profit basis.” The aim of this list is to provide publishers with a list of trusted organisations that, under the law, are qualified to ask publishers for book files if no accessible format version is commercially available. (From the WIPO list of entities)


Statewide Vision Resource Centre
Debra Lewis and Marion Blazé or

Christian Services for the Blind and Hearing Impaired
Lee Dunstan

Royal Society for the Blind of South Australia Inc.
Tony Starkey

Dinesh Burah

School of Special Educational Needs: Sensory
Shirley Henderson

Braille & Large Print Services, NSW Department of Education

Lara Danks

Margarita Avagyan

Braille House

Braille House is a national organisation that produces and provides braille through our extensive lending library of braille and ebraille books.

  • A lending library of Braille and Moon books and magazines
  • Tuition in Braille and Moon
  • Production of tactual materials, such as: texts for use in schools, additions to our library, legal documents, recipes, financial reports and statements, birthday and special event cards, business cards, meeting notes and even text books.

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