Inclusive Publishing in Australia : An Introductory Guide

Inclusive Publishing in Australia
 is an introductory guide for publishers and all those who contribute to the publishing workflow, including editors, proofreaders and indexers. It explains how inclusion and accessibility benefit both the community and business, and identifies the international standards for creating an accessible digital book. It also offers a set of workflow strategies at each stage of the publishing process, along with an extensive list of resources, to encourage the creation of digital books that are inclusive by design.

The guide is published by the Australian Inclusive Publishing Initiative (AIPI). The AIPI was launched in 2016 to foster a collaborative, consultative and consensus-based approach to tackling accessibility problems in Australia. Its members include representatives of the publishing industry, authors, agents, editors, designers, indexers, libraries, copyright organisations, disability associations, government and accessible-format providers. The aim of the AIPI is to increase access to published material for people living with print disabilities in Australia. This guide is a resource that supports this aim.


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